Music production

Here is an overview of the tasks we perform within music production


Do you have a ready-made melody and/or text? Or a partially finished song? Is it a little difficult to complete the composition? Or do you have an idea of a song, but need help to have it realized?
We'll help you to a finished result.


A song/melody deserves the right musical arrangement. Music style, tempo, instruments, vocals, structure and more should be scheduled to make the song optimal.

In collaboration with you, we make sure the song gets the arrangement it deserves.


Do you play one or more instruments yourself? Do you want to use other musicians? Do you want us to play some or all of the instruments you want to include? Or do you want to use a ready-made comp (karaoke) to which you sing? The choice is yours.


After a session is recorded, the song should be edited. We provide for example that breath around the vocal is natural and that unwanted sounds are taken away.


When the recording of a song is finished, the different instruments and vocals are mixed so that the sound levels and effects fit the song. It is important that the mix makes sure that all instruments and vocal are balanced and comfortable to listen to, making the listener the best possible experience.

We are mixing recordings that we produce, but we will also be happy to mix your own recordings. Many artists and bands today make their own recordings, but the challenge is to get the songs mixed so they sound the best possible and compete with other releases. One needs experience, musicality and technical insight to create a professional mix.


Mastering is the final step in a music production. We do mastering on most of the productions we do, but also cooperating with dedicated mastering companies, e.g. Abbey Road Studios if desired.


We'll help you get your recordings via online media such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal and hundreds of other channels all over the world.

We can also assist you in the preparation of CD discs where you choose the type of covers, layout, price range, etc.

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