"For me it is all about musicsoundproduction & technology - and I love it!"

Hans-Erik Zweidorff
Zweidorff Studio Bergen

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Music production


Do you have a finished melody and/or text? Or partial finished song? Is it a bit hard to finish the composition? Or do you have an idea to a song and need help to get it realized?
We help you to a finished result


A song/melody deserves the right musical arrangement. Music style, tempo, instruments, vocal, structure etc. should be planned so that the song is optimal.

Together we make sure that the song gets the arrangement it deserves.

Price: Standard


Do you play one or more instruments yourself? Do you want to use other musicians? Du you like us to record some or all instruments you want to use? Or do you want to use an already finished music track (karaoke) you can sing to? It's your choice.

Price: Standard


After the recording is done, it is time for editing. We make sure that eg. breath around the vocal is natural and that unwanted sounds are removed.

Price: Standard


When the recording is done, a mix is needed for the sound levels and effects to suit the song. It is important that the mix makes every instrument clear in the sound picture and comfortable to listen to, so that the listener get the best possible experience.

We do mixing for recordings we have done, but also mixes that clients have recorded them selves. Many bands and artists today do their own recordings, but the challenge is to get the songs mixed so that the result sound the best possible and can compete against other songs out there. You need experience, musicality and technical skills to make a professional mix.

Price: Mix


Mastering is the final step in a music production. We perform mastering on most productions that we do, but we also cooperates with mastering companies like Abbey Road Studios, if desired.

Price: Standard


We help you releasing your recordings via electronical media like iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and other important channels all over the world.

We will also help you with duplication of CDs where you select the type of cover, layout, price class etc.

Price: Standard



Dubbingpartner NRK Super

Since winter 2014 we have been working for NRK Super with dubbing TV series for children. We have had many actors, both children and adults. Some do dubbing for the first time, others are professional actors. So far we have produced both drama and cartoons: "Helmer", "Lilly i Paradisbukta", "Caps club", "Sara og tjuaguttene", "Kompisboken", "Freeze", "Dyrehjelperne" (sesong 4 and 5) og "Piratskattens hemmelighet".

We also work as subcontractor for other dubbing companies, including Disney.

We also produce sound to commercials, training videos and other similar sound projects.

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Do you want to discuss your ideas for a project? Or do you just want to tell us what you're up to? Both are just fine. We wish everybody who are interested in sound and music welcome.

Contact details

Nye Sædalsveien 159
5099 BERGEN, Norway

+47 464 17 790



We have a very simple price structure which includes studio, control room, equipment, arranger, musician, producer and engineer. Price per hour is 550 NOK


Number of audio files / price
1-5 tracks: 960 NOK
6-10 tracks: 1.440 NOK
11- 20 tracks: 1.920 NOK
21-40 tracks: 2.400 NOK
41+ tracks: 2.880 NOK

Price is based on finished edited tracks. If desired, we can perform editing for an agreed price.

We deliver up to 3 mix versions:

Mix version 1 is done by us and sent to you for evaluation. If changes are requested, please send us a detailed description of these and we will then send you mix version 2. If you still want small adjustments, we do mix version 3. Final version is available both as mp3 and wav in desired resolution.